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Housewarming Sayings

1. A new house calls for new beginnings. Hope you can redefine your life and have the best of times!

2. Don’t lament over the memories you left behind in the old house, focus on making new memories in your beautiful new house! Congratulations!

3. Every beautiful family deserves a beautiful house! Congratulations!

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4. May this house be the stage for some of the best times of your life, and may God look over it and bless it abundantly!
Housewarming greeting messages

5. It may seem hard to leave so many good memories and such a familiar environment behind, but you must also make room for a beautiful new home for new experiences to develop. Wish you all the happiness and success.

6. Don’t be sorry at the end of your old life, welcome this new phase! Congratulations on the new house!

7. If the beauty of a house is determined by those in it, your house takes the prize for the most beautiful! Congrats!

8. Here’s to new beginnings for you and your family! Have a great time!

9. It all seems different now, but soon this new house will become part and parcel of your new life! All the best!

10. Sometimes a significant change in lifestyle is all it takes to put oneself on the path to success! Hope this new home is such a catalyst for you!

11. May you always be blessed with health, prosperity, joy and happiness and may every moment spent in this new house be a moment well spent!

12. God has blessed this house with the best inhabitants ever. May it be your sanctum, and lessen all your sorrows and struggles!

13. Wish you years and years of harmony, happiness and prosperity in your new home!

14. Sometimes in life, it is best to move on. Hope your new house brings hope, success and boundless happiness to you and your loved ones.

15. To more fun, memories, love, joy and festivities. May this home be forever close to you heart.

16. This house may be beautiful, but your amazing family is what makes it a beautiful home. Congratulations!

17. Houses are held together, not by cement, but by happiness, trust and love. May your love be stronger than anything in your way! Congratulations!

18. There is nothing quite like the joy you experience on shifting into a new house. To new joys, new experiences and new memories!

19. So happy for you! Hope you enjoy every moment you spend with your loved ones in your beautiful new home!

20. It is indeed both an exciting and a slightly depressing experience moving away from one’s home. Make the most of it, and have a ball at your new home!

21. The prospect of moving to a new home is the most amazing ever. It paves the way for new beginnings and marks the advent of a new era into your life. Best wishes.

22. Hope this new home gives you and your family everything you have ever hoped for, health, happiness and prosperity too. Congratulations!

23. To get the most out of life, you must take change in your stride and never let it hold you down. Hope this new home takes you forward by leaps and bounds.


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