New Year greeting messages

New Year Greetings Wishes and New Year Messages 2015

1. Wish you a grand year ahead! Hope the New Year brings boundless happiness and hope you attain success in all your efforts! Happy New Year!

2. May all the days of the New Year be bright and joyous! May you continue to enjoy the deep affection, support and trust of your loved ones! Happy New Year!

3. May the New Year fill your world up with renewed enthusiasm and love unlimited! Happy New Year!

4. May the New Year be a dream fulfilling one! May you have a glorious year ahead! May the ensuing year present interesting challenges that inspire you to excel in your efforts! May you get the joys you have been yearning for! Happy New Year!

5. This is the time to forget the past drawbacks and start afresh! Success will surely embrace you soon! Happy New Year!

6. May this New Year instil in you the courage and determination to tackle any challenge head-on and come out on top! Happy New Year!

7. New Year, new fears, new inhibitions! May you overcome your fears and reach the pinnacle of success this New Year!

8. Hope you broaden your horizons and show the world what a wonderful person you really are this New Year!

9. The New Year is a golden opportunity for new beginnings in life. Hope you can capture this opportunity and make the most of life! Happy New Year!

10. It is resolution time again. Hope you strengthen your convictions for the difficult journey ahead of you, and fasten your seat belt, because this year is going to be one hell of a ride!

11. May this year usher into your life a new era of abundance, prosperity, happiness and contentment!

12. A new year is like a beacon of hope, a shining light which can guide you towards intellectual and emotional fulfillment. Follow this light, as it can be the road to your redemption. Happy New Year!

13. Let go of sorrow, pain, suffering, sickness and fear this New Year, and don’t let anything deter you from your path. Godspeed! Happy New Year!

New Year Greetings Wishes  2015

New year wishes messages 2015

14. May this year be the year all your dreams are fulfilled, and all your hopes realized. Have a great year!

15. Here’s wishing that the New Year presents you with an air of positivity and endless enthusiasm to achieve all your goals and aspirations! Stay happy always! Happy New Year!

16. Let all the negativity vanish with the advent of the brand new year! Hope the year ahead would be immensely successful for you! Hope you are all charged up with enthusiasm to face the new challenges and overcome them with flying colors!

17. Time for brand new resolutions! Happy New Year! Forge ahead with renewed vigour, conviction and enthusiasm! Success would surely come your way at every step you take!

18. As the present year is coming to a close, I wish that it takes away all the negativity and hardships from your life! May the New Year usher in happier times filled with joyous moments, thrills, ecstasy, success and above all peace of mind! Happy New Year!

19. New Year is knocking at the door! Let’s get set for another mind-blowing party! Have a fantastic year ahead! May all your aspirations be fulfilled!

20. Time to buck up! Welcome the New Year with warmth, enthusiasm and anticipation! Make amazing resolutions! Hope you create great memories in the coming year and let the glorious memories of the past year inspire you and guide you in your new mission! Happy New Year!