Get Well quotes sayings for card messages

What to write in Get Well greeting cards?


1. Best wishes come your way to ensure a speedy recovery. Utilize this time to rejuvenate and revitalize!

2. Missing you! Life’s been boring without your stimulating presence! Get well and get back to business at the earliest.

3. Your presence lights up my world. Get well and spread mirth and laughter with your cheerful presence!

4. Hope your recovery takes place in rocket-speed. Your speedy recovery is all I am praying for. Nothing’s the same in your absence.

5. Get well busy bee! Now’s the time to relax and recuperate! Get plentiful sleep and rest and hop back to life on the superfast lane.

6. It is downright depressing to know that you are unwell. Missing your bubbly presence! Spring back to action ASAP!

7. Enough excuses! Up on your feet! Get well! Hop back to action!

get well soon sayings messages

8. We love your vibrant personality. Get well and quickly get back to your usual form!

9. Desperately need to catch up with you real fast! Get well and get started!

10. Get well fast enough! Do not miss the bus! Life’s got plentiful to offer!

11. Get well soon! We want you again to fill our lives with loads of fun and laughter!

12. Sending you a warm hug! Does that make you feel way better? Get well and come back to me.

13. You are unwell. That makes me real sad. I know you hate sad faces. So get well and jump back to action! Get ready for a smiley face!

14. Praying all the time! I know you will be up soon! I want and need you by my side always!

15. It is so disheartening to get the news of your illness. Here comes the biggest smile your way! Feel better?

16. You are 24×7 in my thoughts. Get well! Miss your chatter!

17. Get well! Recover well and at the earliest.

18. Peep out of your window and enjoy the bright sunshine. Rest and recover for my sake.

19. May good health be restored! Would be truly elated to have you back!

20. You fill our lives with glee and laughter! Get well and zippy recuperation!

21. Cheer up! Someone’s going to be fresh as a daisy soon! Hugs and kisses for swiftest recovery!

22. Cheer up! This dark phase will pass swiftly. Enjoy some rest that is ever so elusive in your fast-paced profession!

23. Wish you swiftest recovery and rejuvenating rest!

24. Never feel left out and lonely! I am there constantly praying for your amazing recovery!

25. No need to feel depressed. Am confident that the super magician is at work and you would be as good as new in no time. Get well soon!

26. You are too good to suffer this way! Wish you shortest illness and rapidest recovery!

27. Get well soon! My magical wish is going to bring about an instantaneous recovery for you!

28. Wish you hastiest recovery. Get well soon!

29. Our best wishes for a speedy recovery! Sincerely,…

30. Hope you fill better grandma. Love.

31. Love and light and healing from your …. who love you dearly

32. Come back soon You are dearly missed Sincerely crazy

33. Wishing you a speedy recovery to health.

34. Hope You Get Well Soon. This basket should give the BOOT to your flu.

35. I just wanted to say thank you to …. and everyone else at ….. It was amazing being able to work with all of you on the our project, and I look forward to work more together in next year.