Thank you

What to write in Thank You  card messages?


1. Thank you for all of your hard work with ..

2. Thank you so much , for all of your help with this move. I appreciate it so much! Love

3. Our deepest appreciation for helping us through the labour and delivery process and the safe arrival of baby.

4. Thank you for participating in the our study and taking the time to complete your surveys. We appreciate it.

5. What a brilliant idea! The surprise party you had organized was amazing and left me dumbstruck and mesmerized! I enjoyed every moment! It was beyond all expectations! Thank you!

6. I must say I am so grateful to you for your kind gesture! Despite such hectic and busy schedule you organized such a grand party to celebrate my birthday! Thank you!

7. You have been there with me all through my difficult journey! And now this wonderfully planned surprise party to celebrate my success! You are the most caring and thoughtful person I have come across! You really made my evening a memorable one! Thank you!

8. Despite being such a busy person you could manage some time to come to my anniversary party and join in the fun and merry-making! Words fail to express how elated I felt to have you in my party. Your presence alone doubled my happiness! Thank you!

9. It was undoubtedly a great honor and pleasure to marry in the presence of my mentor and my best friend. Thank you for your unflinching support and love!

10. My wedding became a memorable experience because of the warmth and joy I felt in the presence of my dear friends. Your presence made my day! Your gift was amazing! We loved it! Thank you!

11. Great you could come to the Baby shower! I must say the gift was so thoughtful and wonderful! Thank you!

12. Thank you for the tremendous effort and your dedication in making this project such a phenomenal success!

13. Thank you for entrusting such an important project to us. We are immensely grateful for the confidence shown to us. We would certainly give our 100% and are looking forward to making the project a tremendous success with you as partners!

Thank You  card messages

Thank you messages

14. Thank you for being there with your innovative ideas and helpful suggestions! You have been a constant inspiration and a pillar of support! You a truly the best colleague I have ever had!

15. Thank you for such wonderful wishes! You are so thoughtful! It was a true morale booster for me!

16. Thank you for being the world’s most understanding and caring friend! I appreciate your true friendship and cherish every moment of your company!

17. Life has been pretty difficult and challenging for me! Thank you for the support, cordiality and unflinching faith in my ability. Without you I would not have achieved half of this!
The gift of a true life partner is simply pure joy! You have been a constant source of inspiration and sustenance! Thank you for your dedication, loyalty and moral support all the way!

18. Thank you for attending the funeral and for the emotional support in our hour of great grief! The entire family appreciates your gesture and would remain ever grateful to you!

19. Thank you for your healing wishes! Your wishes helped me to fight with my illness! Your constant presence by my hospital bed made me realize what a precious friend you are! Your constant support and motivation made me fight such a dreadful disease!

20. Your companionship and support was the true medicine that helped me recover so fast from my illness! Thank you!

21. Thank you for the immensely generous wishes and the most amazing gift on my birthday! Your vibrant presence made the party far more fun!