Newborn Baby Girl Greeting Messages

New Baby Girl Messages


Baby card quotes

1. Congratulations and welcome your new baby girl, wishing you a lifetime of exciting adventures! Love  …

2. Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl. …… would like to welcome ……. Great Wishes from all of us at…….

3. Congratulations on the birth of your new baby girl. May she bring you many years of sugar, spice and all things nice.

4. Congratulations on your beautiful daughter – All the Best:


New Born  Baby Girl Wishes

5. Your princess has just stepped into your life to make it a fulfilling experience, the memories of which you would cherish forever! Congratulations!

6. Your little princess is here to add glitter to your life! We welcome her warmly and wish you have a pleasant journey together! Happy bonding!

7. It’s a great feeling to see your reflection in your new baby girl! Happy days are ahead as you go on a shopping spree and buy her clothes, jewelry or shoes and dress her up the way you had always wanted to! Time to fulfill your dreams and aspirations through her!

8. Your baby girl has brought joys and laughter and is here to brighten up your life! This fabulous bouquet of flowers is going to add fragrance to your life! Congratulations!

9. We all are thrilled to welcome your little darling! She is so very pretty and delicate! Shower her with immense love as she is the most precious and special gift from the Lord to you!

10. Your precious little baby girl is here to add brilliant hues to your life! Wish you the stamina, patience and dedication to help her with her lessons, accompany her to her ballet classes and a lot more!

11. Your baby girl may put you through testing times with her wails and tantrums. But am sure at the end of a tiring day when you hold the precious one, your eyes would sparkle and you would know that this is all you have ever wanted!

12. The little angel is here to enrich your life with her wonderful and heart-warming smile! May your life be filled with pearls of laughter and joy! Have a splendid life with your precious one! Happy Celebrations!

13. Got the great news! Congratulations! We are all excited about your new baby girl and welcome her with immense warmth and boundless joy! Her presence is going to add a whole new dimension to your life! Enjoy your newly acquired motherhood status! Remain blessed forever!

14. A wonderful little fairy has just come flying into your life to make it a mind-blowing experience for you and your family!

15. Your little princess is here to fill your lives with fun, happiness and laughter! The sparkle in your eyes and the glow on your face are enough to tell us how delighted you are to welcome your bundle of joy! Always treasure her!

16. Your baby doll is here to paint your lives with brilliant hues! Have a great and vibrant life with your super cute baby!

17. Your baby girl’s sweet presence is going to add a magical fragrance to your life! She is here to strengthen family ties! All the best!

18. It is celebration time! You have been so lucky to be blessed with a little angel who would add wonder and joy to your life! Wish you a great journey together! Congratulations proud parents!

19. It is time for dancing and merry-making as you welcome the star in your family! Congratulations!

20. Your little fairy is your pride! Have a joyous ride together! May your wonderful little girl attain perfection, success and happiness all the way! Congratulations!