Sympathy and condolences messages


1. Can understand your irreparable loss and sorrow! Sincere Regrets!

2. Heard about the sudden and untimely demise! Deeply sorry!

3. You are going through a very sad phase in your life! Be strong!

4. Deepest sympathy on your loss!

5. The sad news has immensely shocked us! So sorry about it! May you have the emotional strength during this incredibly difficult period!

6. Deeply saddened! Your dad was a delight to be with! Will miss him!

7. Life would never be the same again without your wonderful mom! She has left a void in all our lives! Wish you mental strength and comfort in this terrible period!

8. Deeply sympathize on your irreparable loss! Take care! Be strong!

9. Your dad was forever bubbling with happiness. He would spread cheer wherever he went. Am sure he would be deeply unhappy to see you grieve. Cherish his memories and get going with your life!

10. Your grandma was an inspiration to all of us! She is already missed terribly! Our Condolences!

11. It was a delightful experience to have your dad as my colleague for the past 15 years! Miss him phenomenally!

12. Your hubby was a sheer joy to be with. Deeply miss my best friend! Your loss is unimaginable! Wish you emotional strength at this difficult hour.

13. Your sister was known for her charm and lively presence! She brought an air of happiness and cheer everywhere she went. Deeply regret!

14. Terribly sad and just letting you know I am there, in your period of distress and grief! May I join with the family in mourning over the passing away of a truly incomparable individual!

15. Sharing the grief as you are remembering your truly wonderful life partner Mike! He had a charming personality and the incredible ability to win everyone’s heart! Regret deeply!

Condolence Messages and Sympathy Notes

Simpathy and condolences notes

16. It was a real privilege to know your wife! She was truly elegance and perfection personified! Am sure you would spend each moment missing her and so would we! You are very much in all our thoughts!

17. As you mourn the sudden going away of your dad, just wish to remind you what a warm and unbelievably friendly guy he was! Missed by all his friends deeply!

18. A magnetic character, your dad was a great influence on everyone he met! He touched uncountable lives with his great deeds! Am truly honoured to have known him!

19. Deeply regret your extremely sad loss! Time as you know, is a tremendous healer! May you spend your life cherishing wonderful memories of your beloved!

20. Hope to extend my love and warmth in your sad moments! Take care and be strong!

21. I know the pain you are going through right now! Remember you are surrounded by people who genuinely care and love you truly. Their deep feelings for you should give you the strength to face the sorrow!

22. I know I do not have any magical tricks to make you feel less pain, but just letting you know that I will be around if you require any assistance.

23. Contact me if you require any kind of assistance and help. Am there! Heart-felt condolences!

24. Right now I know the pain is unbearable and you have so many worries and problems to take care of! But if it in anyway helps to lessen your pain or worry, wish to extend my help whenever you think right! Take care!

25. Passing away of a dear one is really a demanding and testing time for everyone! Will be really honoured to help you in any way I can! Call me!

26. Sometimes life is truly unkind and snatches away our precious possessions! But can the cruel circumstances take away the memories ever? Cherish the priceless memories! Heartfelt sympathies!