Wedding engagement greeting card messages

1. Wedding is just the very first step toward a fulfilling and enriching life filled with happiness and wonder!

2. We knew you as two chapters of the same book and now we are immensely delighted to see you write your own story together! Happy marriage!

3. Create mind-blowing memories together! Congratulations!

4. Experience the bliss! Truly delighted! Have a really joyous time you’re your partner! Congratulations!

5. Truly elated to see you two tie the knot! May it be an unbreakable bond!

6. May you be bound together by ethereal and eternal forces! Congratulations!

7. To the free bird that was, and the puppy that is soon to be! Congratulations buddy on your metamorphosis!!

8. Hope you tie this knot better than you tie your laces! Congratulations!

9. Congratulations on this giant step! Stay together in an eternal bond!!

10. Congratulations! You have taken a huge leap! Hope you do not break your legs! Have an adventurous and truly exciting married life!

11.Congratulations on being bound together for eternity by the sacrosanct institution of marriage!

12. Your true love now gets full expression! Enrich each others lives with endless love, understanding and compassion! Congratulations!

13. Congratulations! Now you possess the magical key to eternal treasure! Enjoy an everlasting bond!

14. Hope your wedding acts as a window that lets in freshness, happiness and trust and lets out sorrows and misunderstandings! Congratulations!

15. Love, trust, commitment and responsibility are the other name for marriage! You two are best in upholding these values! Congratulations!

16. Delighted to see the world’s most attractive, talented and wonderful couple join together in an eternal bonding! Congratulations!

17. You are so very lucky to get such a hugely talented and compassionate person for a life partner! Congratulations!

18. Hope you revel in your new found bliss, as two souls blended into one! Congratulations!

Wedding greeting messages

Wedding card wishes

19. May each day of your conjugal life bring in loads of surprises and thrill! Have a great and a truly memorable journey together!

20. Hope you find an intimate friend, an understanding partner, confidant and a true soul-mate in your wife! Congratulations!

21. May your marital journey be free from bumps! Enjoy the feeling to the fullest! Congratulations!

22. Great times, wonderful memories, amazing moments are ahead! Stay blessed! Congratulations!

23. May your love multiply manifold with each passing day! Congratulations!

24. Discover the real meaning of commitment, true love, empathy, and joy as you share the good and the bad moments together! Congratulations!

25. It is a great feeling to have someone to share your joys, sorrows, success, and failures! Your life partner has the ability to double your happiness and diminish your sorrows!

26. Experience the superb bond of togetherness, enjoy the romantic rainy days together, bask in the warm sun, share meals with each other, develop deep respect and care for each other and soon you would know how blessed you are!

27. Marriage is all about developing a deep bond, true understanding, and unflinching love! Stay wonderfully connected to each other! Congratulations!

28. In this adventurous journey together face all hardships as one! Happiness will smile abundantly on you!

29. Take every step in this wonderful journey with lot of care and caution! Make this journey together a grand experience! Congratulations!