Write a Birthday Greeting Card

Birthday wish card messages

1. Happy Birthday my friend! We hope this year ahead brings you many good things!

2. With lots of love, prayers and best wishes on your birthday, from all of us!

3. Start your vacation with something sweet and let us be the first to wish you a Happy Birthday

4. Happy 30th Birthday to my Beauty Queen! Hope you have a fabulous day! Love you to bits and pieces! MUAHH!! Love Always,

5. Happy birthday to the most wonderful persons on earth! May all your birthday wishes come true!

6. Sweet Little …. Happy 2nd Month Birthday! With Love and Bisous,
The universe will be yours. Love,
7. Enjoy sweet 17

8. Wish you a wonderful birthday!! We love you very much

9. May all things nice and bright fill up your life with cheer on your birthday!

10. On your birthday I wish that your dreams keep motivating you and you keep up your zest for life!

11. Here’s to the evergreen dreamer!! Keep dreaming and happiness will be all yours!

birthday quotes

12. May you be adorned by a halo of mirth, happiness and beauty!

13. Words fail to express my joy when I see you celebrate your birthday. Here’s to an amazing year resplendent with happiness, good health and precious memories!

14. Your zest for life is truly inspiring! On your wonderful birthday I wish that you never ever change!

15. Have a fabulous, joyous and healthy birthday! Your smile makes my world go round! Keep smiling and lighting up the world around you with your vivacious smile!

16. Happy Birthday! I know you are the epitome of fun. So go out and have a blast!

17. You look simply distinguished and amazing with age. Keep adding many more wonderful years of distinction and sheer magic. Happy Birthday!

birthdays-quotes18. Bring out the wild side of your character! Have a boisterous party!

19. You are still sizzling hot! Transmit the heat! Keep smiling! Happy Birthday Gal!

20. I am so fortunate to have you for —– years! Happy Birthday!

21. Have a fabulous birthday! May your merry-making be glazed with wild fun and excitement!

22. Let’s hope those aging bones can handle today’s merry-making!! Happy Birthday!!!

23. Here’s to your grand children who are not too far away!! Happy Birthday!!!

24. So when are the grandchildren due? Let’s party!! Happy Birthday!

25. So are you ready to be shipped off to the museum yet? Let’s celebrate!

26. With age comes….. Experience and Rust! Happy Birthday!

27. Not too long before the archaeologists find you! So go out and have fun!

 Birthday card messages ideas

What Should I Write in a Birthday Greeting Card?

This is an age of emails and e-cards. Over the last few years, communication has become electronic and impersonal. Most people choose to send out invitations and wishes on birthdays, anniversaries and even festivals by bulk email or text message. While on the one hand this serves several advantages for instance it is cost effective and reaches the recipient immediately, on the other hand there are several disadvantages too.

There is a different charm in sending a birthday greeting card or anniversary greeting card on someone’s special day. Some people may toy with the idea of doing so but back away because they don’t know what to write about in a birthday greeting card. Here are some ideas on what you can write.

A Poem

You can choose to write a simple poem for your friend or colleague. Try to create a poem of your own or choose an inspirational one from a famous poet. You’ll find a variety of poems to choose from online. Personalize your message after the poem and sign the card with your own name or the name the recipient uses to refer to you. Poems can also be used to write a card for a loved one.


Quotes inspire us and always make for good reading. If you are sending a card to a colleague or an associate, you can choose a good quote from a famous personality. There are several websites from where you can find a bank of quotes to choose from. The best thing about quotes is that they are simple and short. When you are anyway sending a card to someone who is not close to you, a quote would be a good content choice. Alternately, you can even choose a good heart warming quote if you are sending the card to a near and dear one.

Personal Message

You can draft a personal message the way you would an email or text message too. When people see a card, they somehow draw a blank. But if you look at it as just another medium to send a wish, you won’t get so confused. Draft a short, simple message and write it in the card. A simple ‘happy birthday’ or lines like ‘have a great day’ or ‘best wishes on your special day’ would suffice. You can write a personal message and team it with a quote or poem too based on how good a relationship you have with the recipient of the card.


If you are sending a card to a friend who is going through a tough time or your own child, you can choose to throw in some advice in the card. Begin by wishing the person and then proceed to advice the person to ‘stay strong’ or ‘study hard’ as the case may be. Many a times, a hand written card will help a friend or colleague who is going through a tough time. These ideas should help you write a good birthday greeting card.