Anniversary greeting messages


1. Your eyes still sparkle when you look at each other. You share the same bond! Wishing you endless joy and a marvelous life together!

2. Years ago you became committed to each other. You have been together in success, in failure, in joys as well as sorrows. You have faced ups and downs together! You have been each other’s support! Proud of you! Celebrate your anniversary in a fabulous way!

3. The strong bond and understanding you share with each other is truly inspiring. You truly complement each other! Rejoice on this extra-special day! Happy Anniversary!

4. Wish the most charming and super compatible couple a mind-blowing anniversary celebration!

5. Wish the world’s most glamorous, loving and truly enviable couple, a grand anniversary!

6. You make an incredibly gorgeous couple even after so many years. Years of love, sharing and happiness have made your bond even stronger! Hope the bond continues to be strong and remains unbreakable forever! Happy Anniversary!

7. You make a fabulous pair! Wish you two a glorious life for many many more years to come!

8. Deep love, unflinching trust and immense respect for each other, have sealed your relationship forever! You two set a marvelous example! Happy Anniversary!

9. You share a magical bond! Carry on marveling at the wonder all your lives! Carry on loving each other and happiness will forever be yours!

10. I still remember the shy girl with a brilliant smile and an innocent countenance, from my wedding day! Happy Anniversary my life partner, my love! The deep affection and admiration I felt for you then have multiplied after years of companionship, love, understanding and compatibility!

11. I send this bouquet to express my love and commitment to my life partner, my lover forever! Happy Anniversary!

12. Wish you a joyous journey together! Together you generate amazing memories, explore each others merits and qualities, and work on each others shortcomings! Strengthen your ties and make your marriage an everlasting bond and companionship! Happy Anniversary!

13. Reminded of your Wedding Day years back, when you two were united in a bond of love and conjugal bliss! Time to get committed all over again and make brand new promises! Let the flame of love remain kindled forever! Happy Anniversary!

14. My Big Day is fresh in my memory! My life underwent a complete transformation the day I committed to you and got into a bond of marital bliss! I adore you for what you are! Life without you at my side, is simply unimaginable! Happy Anniversary My First and My Only Love! Love You!

15. No one could ever know the bond and understanding we share with each other! Our relationship is something sacred and only we can truly understand the true essence of our relationship! Nobody could ever hope to understand me the manner in which you have! Happy Anniversary Sweetheart! Love You!

16. Wish you a grand and joyous Silver Wedding Anniversary!

How to Write Anniversary Greeting Card?

Anniversary greeting messages

Greeting cards are a good way of showing people how much they mean to you. A greeting card carries a personal message and any recipient would be more than happy to receive a hand written card on their birthday or anniversary. Nowadays people tend to opt for easier and quicker modes of communication like emails and text messages. This is why when you see a card and think of sending one to someone, you wonder what to actually write in it. Here are some tips on what to write in an anniversary greeting card.

A love poem

If you can’t think of anything original and find it hard to put pen to paper, choose a love poem from a famous poet. If you are writing the card for your own spouse or a couple well known to you, a love poem would be ideal. Copy down the poem in a neat font or print it if your handwriting is not great. Ensure that you write the poet’s name too so that it looks authentic! You can even choose to draft your own poem. Think of some words that speak of the couple’s love and try to make words rhyme. Even a short love poem that spans a couple of versus would be enough for an anniversary greeting card.

A love song

If you aren’t too fond of the poem idea, you can opt for a love song instead. There are so many love songs that are popular all over the world. Write down the lyrics of one and mention the artist’s name too. It will show the couple how much of an effort you have taken to make the card. The best thing about writing a love song is that you will easily find one anywhere. Alternately, you won’t waste too much time looking for a good love poem too if you look at the right websites online that have a bank of love poems available for readers.

A personal greeting

Use the card to write down a personal note for the couple. If you are sending the card to a good friend or relative, a personal message straight from the heart would be ideal. You don’t have to wonder too much about what to write. Wish the couple, tell them how much of a wonderful couple they make together and how you hope they have years of happiness together. While this may seem too ordinary on the one hand, if you think from your heart and draft good, original words, it will make the effort worthwhile. You can even look up some draft personal messages online that can be included in the anniversary greeting card.

Love quotes

You can even choose to fill up the card with quotes by famous people. Choose quotes on love to make the card more apt for the occasion. Try to choose quotes that create a good impact for an anniversary. Be rest assured, the card will always find a warm place in their hearts and home.