Baby shower greeting cards messages

1. Congratulations! Enjoy the unmatchable joys of parenthood!

2, A bundle of joy is going to brighten up your world. Heartiest Congratulations!

3. Joyous time ahead with a lovely baby around!! Congratulations!

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4. Congratulations! You are soon to be proud parents of an adorable baby! Get set for the miracle of life!

5. It is time to welcome the most precious thing in your life! Heart-felt Congratulations!

6. You are soon going to open new avenues in life!! Your baby’s going to be your world!

Baby shower greeting cards messages


7. Get ready to have boundless fun with a baby around! Heartiest Congratulations!

8. Life can be pretty exciting with a baby around! Have fun! Enjoy the pleasures of parenthood! Heartiest Congratulations!

9. Your baby is on her way! You are about to be blessed with the best feeling and great moments. Congratulations!

10. You are so lucky and blessed! We just can’t wait to see the little bundle of joy!

11. Am sure your baby is going to light up your world. We are waiting to cuddle the little one!

12. You are lucky to be blessed with the Lord’s most invaluable gift! Congratulations! We are looking forward to welcoming the small wonder!

13. No words can truly demonstrate our exhilaration and delight as we await the arrival of the newest and littlest member of your wonderful family!

14. Am sure there will be lots to do and lots to take care of! We love cute little babies! Would be delighted to be by your side! Congratulations!

15. Am sure you would most definitely be a super mom, but would be truly elated to be there for a mom to be, if you require some assistance and advice from a much experienced mom!

16. You would certainly be the world’s most loving and competent parents, but you would perform better in your brand new role if some seasoned people like us would help you from time to time! Looking forward to the cutest baby in town! Congratulations!

17. Wish you endless love and boundless patience for making your new role as super parents a grand success!

18. May God bless you with immense patience and stamina! Would be delighted if you call me when you need little respite from your new set of duties! Would love to take care of the newest sweetie pie in town!

19. May the Almighty shower the proud parents to be, with his wonderful blessings, as a new member is about to join the happy family!

20. You are about to be a privileged member of the most esteemed community of parents! You are invited to join us and seek our valuable advice that will surely keep you going!

21. As your sweet little family member is getting ready to join you, remember we are there to help you through! Wish you endless joy and truck loads of patience! Enjoy parenthood! Have fun! Congratulations!

22. Get mentally prepared for a huge change but trust me you would love every bit of this change as you get intensely involved in your new role as super parents!

23. Delighted to know that my little girl is all set to be a mom! Congratulations! Wish you are blessed with an amazing little angel very soon!

24. Hi mom to be! You are glowing with joy and anticipation! Your sparkling eyes convey how overjoyed and thrilled you are! You would definitely be blessed with the most precious gift you have ever imagined!

25. A baby’s birth marks a brand new chapter that enriches your life! Thrilled at the thought! Congratulations!

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